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Adjunct Therapies

Ear Candling:  A method of assisting the natural clearing of ceruminous wax from the ears; a hollow, tapered candle is inserted into the opening of the ear canal and the other end is lit, both heating the air inside of the candle and creating a mild vacuum to foster the upward movement of the wax into the candle.
Sonic Therapy:  Sound healing can refer to a number of therapies which use audible sound and inaudible sound waves to aid the individual's own healing process.  Music therapy is one method, in addition to use of toning, body percussion/percussive resonation, and tuning fork therapy.
Hypnosis: According to James Braid, who coined the term neuro-hypnosis in 1841, hypnosis is "a state of physical relaxation accompanied and induced by mental concentration ("abstraction")."  Today, practitioners use hypnotism as a tool for stress release, or for addressing subconcious issues (e.g., smoking cessation).